How Our Adult Cloth Diapers Work

How Our Adult
Incontinence Briefs Work

Threaded Armor briefs are adult cloth diapers used by men and women alike. Their strength and durability are unsurpassed by any cloth competition, and often crush disposables with their ability to soak up and lock in wetness. At a quick glance, you would take one look at these undies, with their cute elastic waistband, and think these are just another pair of everyday briefs with super cute prints and soft legs, but upon closer inspection… the inner workings of these underwear are a marvel to behold. Truly revolutionary in the world of Adult Cloth Diapers!

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demonstration of threaded armors adult cloth diaper

Inside this magical, yet inconspicuous adult cloth diaper you’ll find…

• Waterproof gussets fully line both sides, locking in wetness. Extra insurance by day, but a complete necessity for heavy nighttime wetting and side sleepers.

• Waterproof top-end gussets line the front and back of these undies, ready to hold back wetness for tummy sleepers and heavy wetters.

• Soft comfy fleece lines the waterproof tabs that securely hug your hips, keeping everything locked in place, while feeling like a dreamy cloud.

• Ultralight ribbons in the top-end gussets hold snaps, ready to securely hold your insert in place. No shifty movement in this absorbency, it stays where it needs to be!

Just wash and reuse! Vanquish the financial chains of disposable diapers forever!

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