Adult Cloth Diapers - Frequently Asked Questions - Threaded Armor Incontinence Protective Briefs Adult Cloth Diapers


  • Are these like diapers?

    Yes, Threaded Armor Protective Briefs are adult cloth diapers. They are washable and reusable. They differ from diapers though, because they are pull-on/pull-off in nature.

  • Are these waterproof?

    Yes, Protective Briefs are waterproof.

  • Are these for men and women?

    Protective Briefs are for men and woman. The pattern does not change for gender. The absorbency may be placed in more strategic areas based on your needs. Ladies: use the Flexible Absorbency System laid flat and snapped in from front to back. Gentlemen:  At night and if necessary, feel free to fold a Step-up insert in half and place it in front, where more absorbency will be required.

  • How do Protective Briefs work?


    • Waterproof gussets fully line both sides, locking in wetness. Extra insurance by day, but a complete necessity for heavy nighttime wetting and side sleepers.
    • Waterproof top-end gussets line the front and back of these undies, ready to hold back wetness for tummy sleepers and heavy wetters.
    • Soft comfy fleece lines the waterproof tabs that securely hug your hips, keeping everything locked in place, while feeling like a dreamy cloud.
    • Ultralight ribbons in the top-end gussets hold snaps, ready to securely hold your insert in place. No shifty movement in this absorbency, it stays where it needs to be!
    demonstration of threaded armors adult cloth diaper
  • How do I wash them?

    Basic Washing Instructions: 

    • Perform a cold water rinse
    • Run a Hot Wash Cycle – Use a detergent you trust.
    • Dry on Medium

    Things to avoid:

    • Fabric softener on the absorbency
    • Excessive Bleach
    • Desitin

    That’s it!

    Download our guide to washing your cloth diapers.

  • How many would I need for one day's use?

    • We recommend having one days worth of underwear on hand, one extra pair to stuff more heavily at night, and 1/2 days use for the next day before laundering. So if you change 4 times per day you would want 7-8 pairs. Having extra will ease the burden of use on each item and extend the life of your product. Using our subscription can help you affordably build up a stash, then renew older used products as necessary.
    • If you wet a lot and find a disposable diaper can get fill it to maximum capacity, you will want to add in one-two extra pairs to ease the load the cloth brief will take.
  • Can I use both disposable and cloth?

    Absolutely! Many of our switch between cloth and disposables. The most common method of hybrid diapering is the use of cloth 100% of the time while at home, cloth overnight because it performs better than disposable, and using disposables when heading out. Other customers use their cloth at home, but they will use our cloth waterproof shell over there disposable went heading out, just in case. However, Threaded Armor has fashioned with their briefs sufficiently to handle the rigors of in incontinence out of the home as well.

  • Is cloth expensive?

    Many people researching cloth suffer from sticker shock at first glance. Cloth products range between $40 and $65 per item depending on where you purchase it from. Threaded Armor sits in the middle of that range and offers a superior product, but when you realize that the initial investment will not have to be paid again until the product wears out (between one and three years) it is quickly realized that recovering your cost in reusable products is far more beneficial than being trapped into paying for disposables day after day. Your money is not wasted with threaded armor. This product works to replace a disposable diaper one for one. With 10 pairs you will very comfortably be able to use cloth diapers 100% of the time, completely eliminating your disposable diaper bill.

    Check out this comparison chart for various savings levels.

  • Does cloth smell?

    • Cloth smells like disposables smell. I have heard the dilemma with people suffering from incontinence that they don’t often hydrate themselves as they should because they don’t want to to have an accident out of their control. But because they are not hydrated, when they do have an accident their urine has a stronger odor to it. This is such a shame! You need water to stay healthy and flush toxins from your body. If you are already suffering incontinence for whatever reason, you don’t want to compromise yourself further by living in a state of dehydration. Having that water is that you know your body needs may also come with the stress of using one more diaper. If only you didn’t drink as much you won’t go through as many diapers and this will save you money. A lot of people that switched o’clock can feel comfortable drinking more freely because they know their incontinence solution is now reusable. It doesn’t cost you anything more to drink the water your body desperately needs.
    • The other note I would like to say about the smell of incontinence whether it be urine or bowel, whether you use cloth or disposable, as that our Odor Eliminator Is fantastic at binding with molecules that cause the smell and neutralizing them instantly. Odor Eliminator is made with a generous amount of Colloidal Gold. Other companies that make a Colloidal Gold gold based spray will certainly use a minimum amount to keep their costs lower. Because ours is made specifically for the incontinence industry, you better believe we are not cutting any corners here. Our goal is to quickly and effectively neutralize any foul odor from your space as quickly as possible. If you haven’t done so yet please give our Odor Eliminator at try!
  • How does an order look when it ships?

    Threaded Armor will always ship discretely.

    First Class parcels and orders with free shipping typically ship in grey plastic envelop.

    Fun Undies typically ship in white boxes with our wonderfully sharp and discreet logo on it, with no reference to the name of Threaded Armor. Just a logo… for fun.

  • Do you carry bigger sizes?

    We do! Currently our offerings go up to 3X. Not all colors and prints are available in these specialized sizes, but you can probably find Navy, Quiet Jungle and Psychedelic Snail in 2X and 3X. 2X fits around a 46-52″ waist and 3X fits around a 54-60″ waist.

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