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About Us

Laura has grown particularly concerned with adults who are battling incontinence, but especially for the men.

“I would imagine being a leader in your family and suffering from incontinence can really shatter a man’s confidence. Many woman struggle with incontinence, to some degree, pretty much right after having their first child, but we have also been familiar with sanitary napkins since our teen years. This makes us more prepared to handle it. Medical issues like IBS, Crohn’s Disease, Prostate Cancer and other issues can cause a man to develop urinary or fecal incontinence later in his established life. THIS must be very… very… hard. Male incontinence is a major focus for me. I feel like I am uniquely positioned to problem solve, educate and develop into this demographic.”

Our Team

Threaded Armor has a small, but powerful team of skilled workers. Laura runs the creative aspects, from designing to marketing our products. Kate, our shipping genius, ships 5 days a week and tackles all aspects of distribution, including wholesale shipping and Amazon fulfillment. Janet is our customer service specialist and moon-lights as our production analyzer. Peter handles all things techy and contributes to problem-solving with Laura. Laura also acts as a specialized private customer concierge for those who subscribe to our Stash Boxes.

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What separates us from the competition


Disposable diapers are a nuisance. At an average cost of $1.25 per pair, and using 4 pairs per day a person will spend over $150 a month for the disposable diapers they need. They will also have to buy them in public at a store or pay shipping to have them mailed in. Threaded Armor eliminates the need to buy disposable diapers, AND is more comfortable. People who leak through disposable diapers have reported much better success with Threaded Armor diapering products, especially at night. Subscribing to our Stash Box and using your pair of Protective Briefs once per day will replace 30 pairs of disposables each month, saving $ 37.50 per month on your disposable diaper bill. In six months you will be financially free from disposables entirely, and have a plan in place to renew your stash on a consistent and steady basis.

In addition, Threaded Armor Protective Briefs are trimmer, more waterproof, and more customizable than other adult cloth diapering products. Our standardized material use on the waistband of the briefs help normalize the perception of what you’re wearing. In reality, an active lifestyle can occasionally expose one’s waistband of their undergarments. If this happens with Threaded Armor, it will just look like any other pair of underwear.