Which type of diaper should I buy?

Daytime and nighttime undies have two main differences. The daytime cloth diapers have thin, soft stretchy side tabs that hug your waist and create a perfect fit. The nighttime cloth diapers have waterproof tabs, for side sleepers. They also have anti-pill waterproof fleece around the legs and waist band as additional protection against leaks. The daytime diapers have 2-3 layers of absorbency, with more to be added ad you see fit. The nighttime diapers have 6 layers of absorbency, and are usually enough for most people.

Why should I go with Super Undies?

Super Undies serves children and picky adolescence and as such, we have had to develop the most comfortable waterproof items possible to please our picky audience. We have now developed these revolutionary cloth diapers into bigger and bigger sizes, to help everyone with a need. If you are looking for a bigger baby diaper, you won't find it here. If you are looking for a professional product, with professional customer support, than Super Undies ACDM products are for you.

How many will I need?

If you plan to cloth diaper full-time, then you will need to determine how many times a day you need to change. Typically, most people can use between 5-7 diapers a day, along with one nighttime cloth diaper.

What size will I need?

The sizes are determined by waist measurements.
Small 26-28" waist
Medium 30-32" waist
Large 34-38" waist
X-Large 40-44" waist

How do I wash these?

Washing in simple. Just turn the diaper inside out and let them rest in a pail with a lid until the end of the day. Wash the days load each night with detergent you trust. In an older machine, you may want to run the load with a pre-rinse in the beginning or an extra rinse at the end. Transfer the load before bed, and dry on medium to medium-high. You will have a refresh load to pull from each morning.

Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Letting used diapers sit for too long can cause the ammonia to break down the waterproofing.

What is an insert?

An insert is an absorbent pad that you can use to boost how much liquid the diaper can hold. ACDM Diapers come with absorbency built in, but our daytime cloth diapers are light on absorbency. You can use an insert to double the absorbency, for a more secure hold. In a pinch, you can always use any absorbent fabric as an insert, even a kitchen towel folded in thirds.

What is the difference between materials used?

There are two main materials used in ACDM Diapers, cotton terry and microfiber. Cotton terry is just like a bath towel. Have you noticed that your bath towels will get holes in them before they loose their absorbency? That's why we use cotton terry in our nighttime diapers. We want to make sure that not only do you have the best absorbency, but that it will last.

Microfiber is highly absorbent (slightly more than cotton terry) and softer. It has a nice drape to the fabric itself, making it great to stretch and move with you during the day. We sue this is our daytime diapers when you are most active. Eventually, through use, washing and drying, the "micro fibers" of this material will collapse and become less absorbent. That doesn't mean it is not good any more, just not as good. When this happens, the fabric also gets thinner. This is not a problem with daytime cloth diapers, since you can always use an insert as well.

How long will these diapers last?

ACDM Diapers are professionally made on industrial equipment. All our stitches are locked in place, and our fabric is among the highest quality found. Your diapers will last you a full year or more with everyday use and abuse. Just care for them by washing them every night.

I still have questions. Who can I talk to?

You can call our friendly support staff and ask away. We are here to help. Please keep in mind that our business is a family business, so make sure your conversation stays on topic and rated G. I have had my staff tell me about some weird phone calls they would have rather not have had! :)


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