Adults go through a variety of situations, leaving them in need of full time or part time diapers. Disposable diapers can be expensive, and the cost will not let up. Adult cloth diapers can help alleviate the financial stress that incontinence can cause. We offer a variety of adult cloth diapers, that allows you to chose what works best for you.

Super Undies is a cloth diaper company that caters to the potty training world with children's cloth diapers and overnight bedwetting solutions for toddlers through adults. We are a child-based company, but have received many requests through the special needs community to begin making our products larger. We specialize in helping with delayed potty training, as well as youth, adolescent, and adult incontinence. Our adult cloth diaper products are made the same way as our high end children's products, making sure what works well for one group works well for the other. We do not skimp on quality, and make sure you have a great product with a great fit.

Adult Cloth Diaper with Heavy Absorbency for Overnight Use Adult Cloth Diaper